History speaks about the role of woman in creating a healthy society.

‘Those who consider female as weaker sex  should bear in mind that they had never been to this beautiful planet if there had been no woman in terms of their mothers. Woman is not weaker but a beautiful creation of God Almighy under whose feet lies the Paradise.’ This was stated by former MLC Dr. Shehnaz Ganai during a public meeting organized by the public of Ward no 1 and 2 of Dalera Panchayat in Khanetar village today  where she was warmly welcomed by the public. Speaking on the occasion she said that history speaks about the role of woman in creating a healthy society and she is playing a vital role in today also. She applauded the former Chief Minister and NC President Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s statement regarding the 33% reservation of women in assembly. She further said that NC is the only state political party that acknowledges the abilities of women.

While expressing their issues the public of Dalera panchayat told their lovable and popular leader about the lack of basic amenities in the area. They said that the local leadership is responsible for this deprivation as they remain busy in dividing the community in Gujjar, Pahari and Kashmiri sects. They  apprise her that now they are seeing a ray of hope in her leadership as she has proved her capacities in the upper house during last six years. They mention that she is the daughter of a great leader late Khwaja Ghulam Ahmad Ganai who was considered as the Messiha of down trodden population and she has also having the same traits like her late father. They briefed that for serving these weaker sections of the society she resigned fromreputable government job and joined politics for their betterment which no one does in this materialistic world. The speakers appealed the audience that now it is our turn to repay her in terms of vote and support to send her in the state assembly to represent them in a better way. A large number of women were seen in this public meeting which is a good sign of gender equality. The women were seen raising their issues and told her that there is no anganwari centre or dispensary in this village and nothing was done for the qualified unemployed housewives and girls for their self empoyement.

After listening to their issues with patience she appealed the district administration and higher authorities of state government for early redressal of their issues. She thanked the public for showing their deep concern and hope in her. She told them that she has already chosen this field for serving the needy irrespective of caste, creed colour or fatith and she promised them that if she been sent to assembly with the power of their vote she will definitely come up to their expectations. She added that she had not represented them in assembly ever before and if by Almighty’s will she is elected to assembly she will put her head and heart efforts for their service. She appealed the public to pray for her to keep her devoted in the service of mankind with true dedication.